What is an MRI (brain) scan?

Sometimes we ask children to participate in a brain scan. On this page we explain the process of the scan. To help prepare your child for the brain scan we will give them space training.

What is a brain scan or MRI scan of the brain?

During a brain scan, or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), images are made of the brain. To do this the machine uses a strong magnetic field. 

A brain scan does not cause any damage to your child and takes about 30 minutes to complete. During the scan your child has to lay still. The scanner produces a lot of loud noise, because of this your child will wear headphones and they will get to watch a fun movie.

Space training

Before the scan, the researcher prepares your child in a playful way with the help of space training. This way your child can get used to the noise of the scanner and to having to lay still.

MRI animatie.mp4

What happens during the brain scan?

In this video we will walk you and your child through the process of the brain scan.