Here is an selection of our recent journal articles*

Svaldi, C., Ntemou, E., Jonkers, R., Kohnen, S. & de Aguiar, V., (2024). Language outcomes in children who underwent surgery for the removal of a posterior fossa tumor: A systematic review, in European Journal of Pediatric Neurology. Read here.

Kasperek, A., Kingma, A., & de Aguiar, V. (2023). The 10-word Auditory Verbal Memory Test (AVLT-10) and vocabulary performance in 4- and 5-year-old children, in the Journal for Speech, Language and Hearing Research. Read here.

Svaldi, C., Paquier, P., Keulen, S. … de Aguiar, V. (2023). Characterising the Long-Term Language Impairments of Children Following Cerebellar Tumour Surgery by Extracting Psycholinguistic Properties from Spontaneous Language, in Cerebellum. Read here.

Ní Chéileachair, F., Sorace, A., Chondrogianni, A., Paradis, J., de Aguiar, V. (2023). Developmental Language Disorder in Sequential Bilinguals: Characterising Word Properties in L2 Spontaneous Speech, in Journal of child Language. Read here.

de Aguiar, V. & Rofes, A. (2022). The noun-verb distinction. In Miceli, Bartolomeo, & Navarro (Eds.). The Temporal Lobe (Handbook of Clinical Neurology). Elsevier.

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